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Queen City Collegiate

Our subsidiary, Queen City Collegiate is a private high school in Regina – Capital City of Saskatchewan, Canada. The school is licensed and accredited by Saskatchewan Department of Education, and offers full academic courses plus different levels of ESL classes. 
Queen City Collegiate is also the designated Testing Center for TOEFL.
For details, please visit the following website:

2nd Floor 2122 Broad Street Regina Sask. Canada S4P 1Y5
Tel.: (1-306) 7817055
Fax: (1-306) 7817201
QQ: 420001409
Room 2108 Jinxiu United Business Plaza, No.1 Tian He Lu, Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Province, China 510075
Tel.: (88-20) 37681080 Fax: (86-20) 81362440